It is important to us that every person has the ability to live an active, social and safe life. Our products make everyday life easier, help increase the quality of life and work preventively. Our products are based on new technology that interact with the human home.


We have a solid understanding of the healthcare world in Sweden and we work as a link between healthcare professionals, patients, processes and technology. We offer long-term solutions that facilitate the medical dialogue between patient and doctor.


SAE Medical offers products and aids for caregivers and primary healthcare as well as for self-care and home-care, with an increased quality of life as our goal. We have over 20 years of experience and competence from municipal activity, social benefit and from selling complex system solutions to hospitals and other healthcare facilities with a commitment that allows us to see the key to several social challenges for both care givers and self-care.


To us, it’s more than words, it’s a lifestyle, a passion and the entire foundation of our philosophy. We are proud and happy to be able to bring advanced technological products into the lives of many people, ableing them to live with a higher quality of life, a stronger sense of security and uncomplicated means of communication.



While we are very proud of our products, we are also humbled by the fact that modern products and aids only can be beneficial when placed in the right environment for the people who utilize them. That is why we always make sure to work closely with our clients when implementing new technology, so that we unite in developing new ways of working with modern aids.


This way, we contribute to expanding the road for care givers to accomplish the necessary adjustments needed to benefit both the patient and healthcare personnel.


Poseidon is the world's first hygiene robot, an intelligent shower solution which helps elderly and disabled to take care of their personal hygiene. The idea behind Poseidon is to allow people to take care of their personal hygiene in safe conditions. The solution is for users who have partial mobility, for example neurological disabilities and high age. With the help of the hygiene robot Poseidon, the washing experience becomes something positive. A private moment to look forward to - a boost for both self-esteem and quality of life.


The GoLiveClip is a safety alarm with built in fall detection and fall prevention as well as a tracker with an area alarm. It keeps track of the care takers activity level, has an alarm button near at hand at all times, sends notifications to friends or family and receives notifications as soon as the fall risk increases.

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The Somnox sleep robot is a soft breathing-robot that helps people with stress-related insomnia to relax in body and mind, fall asleep faster, sleep longer, and wake up more rested. The Somnox sleep robot helps to achieve a steady and slower breathing rhythm for effective relaxation, reduced stress and increased restfulness. It plays soothing sounds, gives the user a sense of affection which can contribute to subdued anxiety and increased sense of balance.

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The Tek Robotic Mobilization Device is not a wheelchair alternative, but a brand new mobility platform that completely re-imagines the way individuals with paraplegia and other walking disabilities are able to move in the world. The ability to independently and safely sit, stand, and navigate environments that were once inaccessible, is now possible, safe, and available by reservation. Tek RMD is patented, CE Marked, and FDA 510(k) cleared technology.

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ZINGER, with its special features, outranks traditional and common wheelchairs or scooters since its launch in 2014. Corresponding to the strong demand of Zinger with joystick controlling system from the market, the idea of JOY RIDER was born. Retaining the sporty design and the structure of ZINGER while equipped with joystick and electromagnetic brake, JOY RIDER assists more people in regaining their mobility.


Shivers is a new innovative multi-functional vibration motor appliance that increases muscle recovery through muscle stimulation and massaging, for people as well as animals. Shivers is a unique device, developed in Finland, with worldwide patented design and technical solutions. With powerful vibration motors and tailored programs, Shivers have been noted to help both people and animals to relax and feel better. Vibration as a motion has a long history of relaxation and muscle stimulation in humans.

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Analyze your heart, anywhere, anytime. The Coala Heart Monitor is a unique medical system that records your heart sounds and ECG in just a minute. Smart, cloud-based algorithms analyze instantly and detect for Atrial Fibrillation, 9 other arrhythmia's and the ability to help detect murmurs.


Results are presented in the Coala App and Coala Care Cloud Portal within seconds. Connect your doctor to the Coala Care Portal for smart remote assessments.

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